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Businesses and corporations depend on adequate legal guidance and advice to run smoothly. At the Law Office of Grace & Thompson, we offer comprehensive and professional legal representation for businesses in Chicago and surrounding cities.

Our caring team of business and corporate lawyers take pride in leveraging their knowledge and experience to provide you with the best advice your business needs. In addition, we provide legal and administrative assistance in formation, maintenance, transactions, and corporate governance.

We currently work with several businesses across various industries in and beyond Chicagoland area. We offer effective practical solutions that protect the best interests of businesses, minimize legal risks, and eliminate discrimination, allowing them to focus on growth.

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Focus Areas – Business Litigation

At the Law Office of Grace & Thompson, we understand how important the right legal advice and solutions are for businesses. Our business litigation representation is focused on assisting all types of businesses to navigate unusual situations, helping them succeed in resolving employment and administrative issues.

Employment Law

The complexity of an employment case requires the input of a competent legal practitioner. This is the only way to successfully navigate legal issues while avoiding pitfalls and protecting your best interests.

With a deep understanding of the municipal employment laws, we are well-positioned to provide fierce advocacy for small-scale and large-scale businesses. In addition, depending on the peculiarities of the situation, we offer fail-safe and practical measures that protect your interests when dealing with employees.

Our employment law practice covers the following matters:

  • Business Agreements:
    We can help draft business agreements and transactions that clearly spell out the obligations and rights of the parties involved.
  • Transactions:
    Our attorneys handle various business transaction matters, including negotiations, licensing and distribution, corporate formation, and franchise acquisition.
  • Handbooks and Policies:
    We prepare and review employee handbooks, as well as corporate policies and procedures.
  • Legal Representation:
    We offer best-in-class legal representation to clients in employment litigation in courts, as well as administrative matters and hearings.
  • Minimizing Liability:
    We assess cases critically from all sides of the argument to identify the best approach and protect you from pitfalls that lead to liabilities.
  • Preserving Company Culture:
    We help businesses project a strong and consistent corporate identity to the outside world while setting healthy and satisfactory expectations for employees.
  • Conflict Resolution:
    Workplace conflicts can degenerate into serious issues if not managed promptly and effectively. We resolve corporate conflicts while protecting the best interests of our clients.

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Administrative Law and Hearings

Businesses and corporations require excellent representations in administrative hearings, which are quasi-judicial proceedings held in various forums. At the Law Office of Grace & Thompson, our experienced lawyers represent and counsel clients at every step of the way, from the early stages to the final day of the hearing.

Over the years, we have developed extensive experience representing clients in matters arising before several state and local agencies. By developing a knowledge of both the issue of interests and the agency’s procedural requirements, we are best positioned to clarify the issues, understand the regulatory concerns, and assess the legal risks.

Whether your matters involve procedural or substantive issues, you can always count on our lawyers to put up a fierce representation of your interests.

Top-Rated Administrative Agency Hearing Representation in Chicago

The broad power of local, state, or federal agencies enables them to decide cases under their administrative authority before it gets to the courtroom. Such cases may be an action proposed against a business or organization, such as license revocation or suspension.

Involving a knowledgeable administrative law attorney is the best way to represent the interests of the business or company involved in such cases. Therefore, once you have been served a notice of action, invite your administrative law attorneys for advice on the best course of action.

At the Law Office of Grace & Thompson, we welcome inquiries from companies and businesses in need of counsel and legal representation in administrative law matters.

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