OWISo I’m guessing you’re on this site because you’re shopping for an attorney?  You did something where the police got involved and they decided to take it to the next level, the district attorney or some other attorney sent you some paperwork and, low and behold, you’re shopping for something (or someone as the case may be) that you never thought you’d be shopping for.

I’m sure this is not the first website (nor the last)  you’re going to check out.  Most of the sites are filled with legal gobbly-gook and self-promoting statements on how great the attorney is, how    experienced he or she is, how much they know and what a great job they can do for you.  “Attorney XYZ got client off blah, blah, blah charge, has 175 years experience and knows this, that and the other thing.” Right?  Well this site has a little of that too, but Google Search apparently likes that and that’s the only reason why we put it on here.

IF TRUTH BE TOLD, most attorneys can do the same thing for you.  For example if you broke your arm and went to the emergency room, most doctors would put a cast on it and say “Call me in a month.”  Sure you’ve got your “hacks”  that would wrap it up in duct tape and tell you it should be fine.  When it turns green the next week, they’ll tell you “That’s just normal”.  On the other end of the spectrum, other doctors would set your arm in a cast with gold-filigree, convince you that your broken arm needs such care, have 5 or 6 nurses call you on a daily basis and charge you boo-koo bucks all for the same result.  Attorneys are the same way.

So I’m guessing you’d like to find an attorney who knows what they’re doing, can “get you off” or diminish the damage if that is a possibility, treat you with kindness and respect, answer the phone when you have some questions or need a little “hand holding” (we’ve been doing this for 14 years and I’m guessing you haven’t so a “life -altering four alarm event” for you might be a “typical day usual thing” for us) and the big one, COST.

It’s easy for me to sit here and promise you all these things, but we’ve put our firm together in such a way to almost insure this.  What do I mean? When shopping around, ask if these points mean anything to you.

  • We don’t believe in paralegals and staff. Therefore, when you call, email or text message your attorney, you will speak directly to your attorney.
  • When a motion is filed, your attorney researched and filed it. Your attorney is going to argue it so they should know it inside and out.  That’s what you are paying for.
  • When your ex or soon to be ex does something, your attorney needs to know it….. not some secretary. The secretary is not going to argue the case in court, the attorney is.
  • If you have any billing or legal statement issues, Attorney Mark Mullen, President and Founding Member of the firm answers the phone….always. He does the books, issues the checks and makes the financial calls on your case. If you call the main number, it will be him you talk to, period.
  • We encourage payment plans. Most of our clients are not rich and therefore cannot put down the entire amount of the retainer at the time of hiring.  WARNING Every payment plan come with a mandatory agreement whereas once your credit or debit card fails from being processed, you stipulate that we can be removed as your attorney of record.

Whether you have a criminal case, drunk driving or some type of family law case like a divorce or custody matter, our attorneys have been handling these type and only these type cases for the better part of 14 years.  With that kind of experience comes “strategies and techniques” that we’ve found either work, work well or don’t work at all.

For example:

Telling the district attorney we’re going to take the case to a jury trial right from the start might get you a better offer from the start….and it might not.

Telling the district attorney we’re going to take your case to trial after we win an important motion or do some other “case altering event” will probably get you a better offer.

Telling the district attorney we’re going to take your case to a trial after receiving some damaging evidence motion hearing or losing an Important motion hearing WILL NOT get you a better offer.


Telling the judge you’ve moved out with your kids one night without letting you wife know, moved in with your girlfriend and told your kids to start calling her Mom right in the middle of the school year while yanking your kids out of their school and enrolling them in a new school 200 miles away WILL NOT win a lot of bonus points with the vast majority of judges.

Reading these examples without living them seem pretty straight forward.  However, you as our clients will be living in the situation.  Most if not all our clients do what they do for a reason.

For example, I had a client that was enjoying a football game and the multitude of beer that went along with it.  During the 3rd quarter, he received a phone call, got in his car, drove 150 miles and got a DUI.  Seems straight forward and somewhat stupid right?  What if I told you his daughter was in a terrible car accident and on life support in the emergency room?  You probably won’t read about that in the drunk driving police report.

Though the district attorney didn’t have a lot of sympathy, a jury sure did.


What can you guys do for me that I can’t do myself?

We know what to do with the facts of your case.  Did you know that the police officer has to have his emergency lights off when he gives you the HGN {or also known as the “stare at the pen”) according to the National Highway Safety Manual?  If the cop didn’t, we can file a motion to have the field sobriety test thrown out. If the field sobriety test is thrown out, the entire case may be dismissed as well (whether you were drunk or not).

“Technicalities” like these are why we get cases dismissed before jury trials.  The district attorney is not going to help you find them.  The district attorney IS NOT going to point out what a poor job the cops did unless he has to.

Why is our firm better than the other ones?

Most trial attorneys know or have some idea what do with the facts of a case and “technicalities” as I’ve previously mentioned.  Some attorneys are, of course, better than others.

Check us out and compare with other criminal defense firms.  If we work for what you’re looking for, we look forward to representing you.